FREE Halloween Mobile Wallpaper

FREE Halloween Mobile Wallpaper

As the leaves turn shades of pumpkin spice and ghostly whispers fill the air, Halloween lurks just around the corner. It's that time of the year when everything gets a little spookier, including our feline friends. 🐾🎃

It's time for a treat or two (no tricks here, we promise 👻), with a FREE halloween-themed cat mobile wallpaper and whisker-twitching array of cat costumes to inspire you this spooky season!


Free Mobile Wallpaper

How to Get Your Paws on It: Downloading our Halloween wallpaper easy. Click this link to get your copy, save the png to your phone and set it as your new wallpaper. 

Any feedback is welcome, this may be something we do more in the future 👀


DIY Cat Costume Inspiration

We've used an AI image generator to help inspire the perfect kitty costumes this Halloween! Remember, not all cats are fans of dressing up, so keep it light and comfortable. And always have those tasty treats on standby for positive reinforcement. 😺🍬

  • 1. The Purrr-fect Pumpkin Costume: Transform your furry friend into the most adorable pumpkin in the patch with a charming stem-topped hat and a plump pumpkin body.

    cat in pumpkin outfit

  • 2. Count Catula: Sink your claws into the timeless allure of a vampire cat. With a simple velvet cape, your kitty can become the most dapper vampire on the block.

    cat in count dracula costume

  • 3. Pirate Purr: Let your cat sail the high seas in style. An eyepatch, a miniature pirate hat, and a tiny stuffed parrot perched on their shoulder (or, well, back) will have your kitty ready for adventure.

    cat in pirate costume with parrot

  • 4. Feline Flower: Embrace nature's beauty with a floral-themed costume. A dainty flower crown and a matching collar with fabric blooms can turn your cat into a blossoming bouquet of cuteness.

    ginger cat with a flower crown

  • 5. Cat-tastic Cowboy: A tiny cowboy hat and a bandana will have your cat ready to roam the wild, wild west of your living room!

    black cat in cowboy costume

  • 6. Kitty-licious Chef: Turn your furry friend into a master chef with a chef's hat and a tiny apron. Bonus points for attaching a miniature spatula or whisk to their paw.

    cute cat in chef outfit

So, whether you're planning a spooky soirée with your costumed kitty or adding a dash of Halloween to your digital life, we've got you covered. Enjoy the spooky season and stay tuned for our Survival Guide for cats during firework season, coming next week! 🎃🐾

Also, we'd love to know if you like to dress up your cats for Halloween and if so, what are they going to be this year? 👻

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