Illustrating the @1bike1world 2024 charity calendar!

Illustrating the @1bike1world 2024 charity calendar!

After reading Nala's World twice and having followed Dean Nicholson's Instagram page @1bike1world for years, words cannot describe how excited I am to have illustrated the front cover for the 1bike1world 2024 calendar!

Dean travels around the world on a bike with his cat Nala, who he rescued in Bosnia, and together they help animals and raise awareness to well-deserving, lesser-known animal shelters they come across in their travels. It's such a wholesome story to follow, and this year Dean also rescued and re-homed two dogs called Yasuki and Charlie - who are illustrated alongside Nala on the cover!

The most brilliant thing about this calendar for me, is that all profits will go to animal and environmental charities. It was a goal of mine this year to use my business in some way to help more animal charities, so when Dean got in touch to ask me if he could use the illustration I'd made and posted to Instagram of these three adorable animals, I did a little happy dance and a smile stuck to my face for days!

Front cover of the 2024 @1bike1world calendar, featuring Nala, Yasuki and Charlie

The calendar is designed with beautiful photos of @1bike1world's adventures on the inside, as well as including the ultimate yearly checklist for you to tick off small tasks which aim to better our planet and the animals in it. Made with FSC® certified paper and delivered protected by biodegradable materials.

A preview of the inside of the 1bike1world 2024 calendar, featuring photos of Dean's animals

I'm unbelievably proud of this one and would love share Dean's message and raise as much money as possible through the calendar! Available to preorder *until mid-August* through the link below - get yours today ✨

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