7 Gallery Wall Layouts to Transform Your Space

7 Gallery Wall Layouts to Transform Your Space

Done right, a gallery wall is a brilliant way to showcase art and memories that tell a story in your home. Creating one seems like a great idea, but can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to actually knowing where to start. We're here to help! In this post, we’re diving into the world of gallery walls - we've mocked up some of our favourite layout ideas which you can take inspiration from, starting with the most simple ideas and progressing to those which may be a little more tricky to put together. We also have some tips for hanging your gallery wall with ease and confidence!

The Classic Grids

Our first set of options aims to ease you in and keep it simple with a balanced and classic feel. Their style is both equal weight and self-contained.

1. Classic Six Piece Grid

2. Classic Square Grid


The Hierarchical Grids

The next step up would be to add some hierarchy to your gallery. If you would like to highlight one artwork in particular, while still keeping a sense of simplicity, one of these layout ideas may be the option for you!

3. The Centrepiece

4. The Mondrian

The Eclectic Style

An “eclectic” gallery mixes and matches different styles, trends, textures, and colours. These ones may take a bit more time to plan and hang, but the results are totally worth it! We've got beautiful layout ideas for you here based on the number of prints you'd like to include. 

5. The Eclectic (5 prints)

6. The Eclectic (6 prints)

7. The Eclectic (7 prints)

Handy Hanging Tips

  • Plan It Out: Lay your arrangement on the floor or use painter’s tape on the wall to visualize before committing.
  • Keep It Level: Invest in a level tool; your eyes will thank you, and so will your art.
  • Command Strips for the Commitment-Phobic: Not ready to drill holes? Command strips can be a renter-friendly solution for lighter frames.
  • Measure Twice, Hang Once: Take the time to measure distances between frames and from the ceiling or furniture. Precision is key.
  • Let There Be Light: Consider the lighting in your space. Art loves to bask in good lighting, whether it’s natural or well-placed spotlights.

Selecting Complementary Artwork

Creating a gallery wall that sings involves a thoughtful blend of art types. Whether it’s prints, photos, or objects, aim for a common element like a color scheme or theme to unite them. Diversity in size and orientation adds intrigue, but balance is key—no piece should overshadow another.

Think of your gallery as a narrative. Each artwork adds a chapter to your story, be it personal milestones or aesthetic interests. Harmony is crucial; different styles and mediums should feel intentional, not chaotic. If you’re mixing abstracts with detailed pieces, let the abstracts breathe space into the composition.

Lastly, don't shy away from experimenting. The most captivating walls often come from unexpected pairings. And remember, your gallery wall should reflect you. The pieces that resonate with you personally will naturally create a space that feels cohesive and uniquely yours.


We hope you found these gallery wall layouts and tips useful! If you have any other useful info about hanging gallery walls, feel free to add them in the comments below. 

Embrace the process, have fun with it, and remember you can always add that extra special touch to your wall with a personalised print from our shop

See you next time! 

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